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Many agents think their most important job is satisfying the customer. I don’t think that’s true. I believe that satisfying the customer is simply the minimum requirement for me. My staff and I work tirelessly to improve our systems, processes and services to go well beyond the standard level of “service” provided by most agents.

Simply put, our objectives are to get you the most money in the least time, and with the fewest hassles. We want to provide the best service in the industry. Period!

Here’s what SMART SELLERS are guaranteed by Sydney:

  • Flexible commission schedule
  • Cancel the listing at anytime
  • “No Pressure” presentation
  • No advanced fees of any kind
  • Learn how to stage your home
  • Professional, strategic marketing


Selling a home isn’t as simple as planting a sign in the ground anymore. It involves preparation, timing and strategic advice. If you don’t do all of the above, do not be surprised when your home does not sell while others in the area are doing so.

Here are some common mistakes…

GREAT photos matter!
More and more, buyers are being introduced to properties online. Pictures matter. If your listing doesn’t show lots of quality grade pictures, buyers will click off and move on to another listing that does! (Sydney takes professional grade photos…up to 50 pictures per listing!)

An MLS listing isn’t enough.
In addition to the MLS, your home needs to be marketed on social media and advertised to other real estate agents, here and abroad who are more likely to bring a buyer to your home.

The price isn’t right.
A home is likely to attract the most interest within the first two weeks it is listed for sale. If the home is overpriced, buyers will move on. No amount of marketing can overcome an overpriced house. If it sits on the market, the people will start asking whether something is wrong with it!

Buyers can’t get in to have a look
If a showing agent cannot get in touch with the listing agent, or if you decline the showing, they will typically just move on to the next home for sale. Access is vital! (Sydney employs a 24/7 appointment center so that YOU NEVER MISS A CALL!)”

The house has a stigma.
Make sure your agent asks for feedback from people who have seen your home but have decided not to make an offer. Find out what is bothering buyers and either figure out how to address it or adjust your price. If your neighbors know about prior problems with your home, be upfront and tell buyers…the neighbors will tell them anyway!

You have the wrong agent!
When you choose your agent, it should never be the one with the lowest commission or the one who promises you the highest sales price. You have too much money riding on this choice. Ask every agent you interview about their own marketing plans, social media presence, and above all get references. If they can’t demonstrate their value and why you should hire them…move on!

More Commitment from Sydney…

Cancel the listing at anytime.

Either you or I can cancel by calling and saying “I want to cancel the listing.” It’s that simple. The cancellation becomes effective at the time you call. Please allow 2 business days to have the sign removed and the listing withdrawn from the Multiple Listing Service.

No Advance Fees of any kind.

You only pay if I procure an offer that is acceptable to you.

Flexible Commission

Put more money in your pocket with the Smart Seller’s Program, exclusively with the Sydney Gunter Team. Most realtors will charge you the same fee no matter how your home sells. We give you flexibility.

“No Pressure”

I will never allow you to be “pressured” by the buyer’s agent. All offers will be faxed or delivered to my office and presented to you in person or by phone so that you can make your decisions privately.

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